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I have worked in pest control in Florida for over two decades.  I am fully aware of scare tactics used by some contractors to purchase their service. This is one time it is justified. However, I’m not going to scare you.  You can do it to yourself.  I’m just going to provide you with a few of the “now” legål ingredients some companies spray in your home. You can do your own research and come to your own conclusions.  Even if you don’t call on Atlantic Pest Control Inc. to service your home I hope this information has helped you to make a safe decision.  

Try looking up the following ingredients that are presently used in most pesticides:

  • Cypermethrin & Pyrethin- Derived from the Chrysanthemum
  • Bifenthrin-
  • Fiþronil
  • Neonicotinoids- N

If you want to learn about these chemicals type in MSDS before the product name.  This allows you to read what the federal government has to say about it.”

If you decide to try using Diatomaceous Earth on your own make sure you use the right kind.  Freshwater Diatomaceous Earth is safe and effective, Saltwater Diatomaceous Earth is a dangerous carcinogen.  When in doubt ask a professional.


How long does pest control last?

We can guarantee our work for at least a year. Why, because 90% of the products we use are food-grade diatomaceous earth. It does not have a shelf life because it is not a chemical and it takes effect as soon as insects contact it.

Is pest control safe for kids and pets?

Good grade diatomaceous earth is sold in health food stores and is mixed with liquids. I’ve read it has a number of benefits. I know for a fact it can be used topically on the fur of pets to control ticks and fleas. I’ve mixed it with my pet’s wet food when I know they have an upset stomach.

How are pests getting in my home?

There are a number of ways and reasons to come into our home. Safety and food are their basic reasons. But consider our homes are built on or in close proximity to their homes. This makes us an invasive species. When they’re not coming in through windows or doors they come up through the foundation. They then use our wires and pipes as their highways and roads to travel undetected throughout voids in our homes. This is why at Atlantic Pest Control we get the food-grade diatomaceous earth into voids and protect your home. On the outside, we put out baits to draw out what and where insects are nesting. Then work on the collapse of their colony. This is done to, again, get the home at least a year without insects.